Date: October 06, 2018 07:00 PM
40th Street Theatre
4006 1/2 Hamilton Street
Omaha, NE 68131

Attire: Halloween costumes encouraged, or your favorite party outfit!

Event has ended.

This event is sold out! Questions? Contact us at 402-996-1092 or

More about Grave 2018:
On Saturday, October 6th, Omaha Creative Institute will host Grave 2018, a celebration of 10 years of service to the artist community of the Greater Omaha area. All proceeds from the event will benefit local artists through OCI’s programming. Grave 2018 includes a pop-up exhibition curated by the founders of Project Project, Joel Damon and Josh Powell, featuring artists of all disciplines who have participated in one or more of OCI’s programs. The event will also include performances, local food and drink, and maybe an announcement or two... Werewolves are welcome and costumes encouraged!
Exhibiting artists include Will Anderson, Alex Jochim, Luke Severson, Brian Wetjen, Ella Weber, Sarah Hummel Jones, Katie Temple, Watie White, Holly Kranker, Ruby Rose Kelley, Jadon Ulrich and Mary Zicafoose. More names to be announced!
Grave 2018 is a celebration of the past 10 years, as well as OCI’s public re-commitment to our mission and goals for the community. It is also an opportunity for our friends and supporters to commit to the future with us. Artists help build the cultural foundation of our communities, and supporting them means supporting a more vibrant, livable city.

About the venue: The 40th Street Theatre opened in the early 1900s as a vaudeville theatre, transitioning to a motion picture theatre in 1916. After that it hosted a variety of local businesses, like Martin’s Pastry and a carpet store. Current owner John Hargiss, of Hargiss Stringed Instruments, and girlfriend Mary Thorsteinson have renovated the space back to its former glory, and are working to put on the finishing touches. They have used mostly repurposed materials from other historic buildings around town and the Habitat ReStore.

About Omaha Creative Institute: Omaha Creative Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide artists with the training and opportunities they need to build an economically sustainable career in the arts. We do this by providing professional development, offering grants to individual artists, connecting artists and patrons, and advocating for the success of the artist community. Find out more at